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The Motivation Behind   Your Music Mentor

Your Music Mentor

Joe McGowan

    B.A. Hons. (Music and the Arts)

    B.A. (Musical Studies, RSAMD)

    L.R.S.M (teaching diploma)

    L.T.C.L (teaching diploma)

    Dip. Mus. (Music theory)

‘There is more than one way to learn how to do something, and everyone responds differently to various teaching techniques and methods of learning.

‘It is an educator’s job not merely to dispense information on their own terms, but to find out how, and at what speed, a student best absorbs knowledge.  

‘I believe the most effective way to achieve this is through one-to-one tuition in an enjoyable, progressive process that should feel rewarding for both teacher and student.’

‘Music is a higher revelation than all wisdom and philosophy. Music is the electrical soil in which the spirit lives, thinks and invents.’                                                                                  Beethoven


Music tutor, guitarist and award-winning education writer Joe McGowan has over 30 years’ experience teaching music in schools, colleges and private practice in the UK and Spain. His work has included personal counselling, music therapy and teaching children with special needs.

An Honours graduate in music and the arts, Joe attended the Royal Conservatoire Scotland (formerly the RSAMD) where he obtained a second degree (the first was in music, philosophy & art history) in guitar, composition and music theory/history. He also holds a diploma in music theory and teaching diplomas from the ABRSM and Trinity College, London.

Joe has been a registered RGT (Registry of Guitar Tutors) instructor and a mentor for Glasgow University students and post-graduates. He is also a qualified TEFL tutor.





Your Music Mentor exists to provide a quality music service with online convenience to people of all levels of ability, regardless of their location.

It was also founded to respond to the needs of those who are not within range of a suitable teacher, or whose circumstances or particular requirements are such that traditional private tuition is not a viable option.

Your Music Mentor even functions as a friendly ‘drop-in’ resource for those who may only want a single consultation with a music professional - for example, to obtain a second opinion on a musical matter, seek technical advice on playing a particular piece, or to have some music transcribed.

See also: Who is this service for?

Who is this Service for?

Excerpt from Infinite Circles. Music and video editing by Joe McGowan.

Written for a workshop on minimalist composing techniques, this programmatic piece concerns the repetition of the circle in nature - from fundamental particles to planets, galaxies, perhaps even the universe itself - and the philosophical notion of its infinite recurrence in all existence.

If any (or many!) of the above appeal to you but you’re a little unsure of how you might best proceed, get in touch with Your Music Mentor now for some helpful advice. Contact

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