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         (or don’t want to) continue to the end of the tuition or mentoring period, can I get a refund

         for the unused portion of the block?

How will I consult with or receive tuition from Your Music Mentor?

Depending on the service required, students/clients can make use of the following:




*Note: Although live on line sessions are one of several options provided by Your Music Mentor, they are not the principle method of teaching or consultation. This is because in some cases they may not be the most effective way for a client to receive instruction - for example in instrumental lessons where possible break-ups or delays in the service could disrupt the flow of communication and reduce the quality of a lesson.

In such instances it is often preferable for a client to prepare a short video of their playing and uploaded it to Your Music mentor for analysis, thus avoiding potential problems whilst also allowing themselves time to consider and prepare the work to be analysed. This type of communication will solicit a carefully considered response from Your Music mentor and also give clients the opportunity to view all instructional material they receive as many times as they like.


Why are live webcam lessons not always suitable?

Although the webcam provides a platform that is often regarded as the nearest thing to receiving tuition in person, the media is occasionally vulnerable to service disturbances, communication delays and sound issues which may prove frustrating and disruptive to the learning process.

For example, experiencing even a slight service glitch halfway through the killer guitar solo you have been practicing all week would be a bigger issue than it would had the same disruption occurred during a live chat or consultation session, where a question or answer could simply be repeated instantly.

That is why the video upload option is also offered as an alternative to online lessons, and also why clients always consult with Your Music Mentor prior to using any of its services.

Are personal online lessons as effective as face-to-face tuition?

There are several reasons why receiving private music tuition online from an experienced tutor can be at least as effective (sometimes even more so) than face-to-face lessons.  

For example, with video submissions clients can take time to record themselves playing a piece of music they are working on, in the comfort of their own homes and free from the (albeit well-meaning) judgemental gaze of a teacher, thus enabling them to relax and focus properly. This should result in a performance that gives a better account of their actual playing ability, rather than one affected by nerves and self-consciousness. This strategy also means clients can make several recordings of the same piece before choosing for upload the one they feel gives the best account of their standard.

Another advantage is that clients can take much more time to consider any questions about their music work or playing that may otherwise be overlooked within the hour or so of a live lesson. This positive aspect also means Your Music Mentor will have more time to analyse and respond to uploads, resulting in a more thorough and cost-effective approach for the client.

Notwithstanding any of the above, the simple fact may be that a professional tutor is not available within a client’s location, or that certain occupations and busy lifestyles do not permit a commitment to fixed weekly lessons. If this applies to you, remember that Your Music Mentor exists to help everyone achieve their personal musical ambitions!


If I choose to pay for a block of lessons at the discounted fee and for some reason cannot (or don’t want to) continue to the end of the tuition or mentoring period, can I get a refund for the unused portion of the block?


How is my progress assessed?

Your Music mentor aims to create a service for all clients where progress and enjoyment are experienced in equal measure; where motivation is a by-product of steady, observable advancement.

Satisfaction with the service is something that is taken very seriously, which is why clients are always invited to discuss their specific requirements with Your Music mentor in the first instance.

Individual progress is a shared responsibility: Your Music Mentor accepts the professional responsibility to provide a high standard of tuition tailored to suit each client’s personal needs, and it is the responsibility of the client to carry out the tasks or exercises, follow the advice, or adhere to the practise routines recommended to them. Failure to do so will inevitably result in diminished progress - something which, in such a case, will not be the fault of Your Music Mentor. (This would be rather like blaming a doctor for not alleviating the symptoms of a patient who failed to take the medication that was prescribed!)

Where appropriate, clients (or the parents/guardians of *under 18’s) will be frequently (and honestly) updated on individual progress. Praise will be readily given where deserved, as will cautionary advice if things begin to go a bit wayward!

Working closely and honestly with Your Music mentor will produce the best results. Clients are always encouraged to ask questions without ever feeling awkward about raising a concern or indicating when they feel something is not going in accordance with their expectations.

Remember: This is a source of help where a sympathetic and understanding ear will always greet you, not a school where anyone should ever feel the need to make excuses for not doing their homework!

*Under 18?

Prior to using any service provided by Your Music mentor, clients under the age of 18 first require the consent of a parent or guardian who will also receive student progress updates on a regular basis or whenever requested.

Have some other questions of your own?


Access the Contact page and get in touch with Your Music Mentor. Your enquiry might even, with your permission, be added to this FAQ page!

Can I purchase a gift voucher?


Yes. Gift vouchers bearing the name of the intended recipient (and a code which must be quoted to redeem the voucher) can be purchased and downloaded from Your Music Mentor. The minimum voucher value is £10 (€12, $14).

Conditions of voucher use

How can I take recognised music exams/qualifications?

Your music Mentor is experienced in tutoring and presenting students for the main internationally recognised music exams, including ABRSM, Trinity College, LCM/RGT and Rockschool, as well as the National and Scottish school curricula.

Once a student begins a course of study for a particular qualification, Your Music Mentor can provide all the tuition and information necessary for the exam and, if required, deal with the administration work for exam presentation (free of charge). All the student has to do is practise/study faithfully and turn up for the exam at their chosen centre!

How do I Pay?

After being advised by Your Music Mentor about the fee associated with the service required, clients should go to the Pay Station on the Contact page of this website to make a secure payment through PayPal, which accepts various credit cards and payment methods. A receipt will then also be issued by Your Music Mentor.

1. The remaining portion of tuition can be ‘frozen’ for a maximum period of 6 months until the client can resume


2. a refund for the remaining portion can be made, minus an administration fee of £30 (€35, $40). The administration fee is calculated on the basis of a single one hour lesson, comparable to what may be charged by a tutor whose student does not cancel a lesson without a sufficient period of notice. The administration fee is also in place to prevent potential misuse of the block booking discount since this discount applies to a complete session of lessons, not the individual lessons within it.

Note: In the unlikely event of Your Music Mentor being unable to continue providing a service already paid for by a client, an immediate and full refund (or any unused portion of it), will be given.

One reason why potential clients are first invited to discuss their requirements with Your Music Mentor before making any booking is to ensure the service is suitable for that individual, thus reducing the possibility of disappointment. However, circumstances may occasionally arise, beyond the control of the client, that could prevent the continuation of a pre-paid block of tuition. If this happens there are two options available:

Standard tuition fee

As a general guide, fees are calculated at the rate of £15 (€18, $20) for 30 minutes, and £30 (€35, $40) per hour. This is based on the actual time spent by Your Music Mentor catering for your personal needs, whether undertaking a live webcam session or preparing a reply, video, or instructional correspondence material.

Lessons, consultations and instructional responses may, at the discretion of Your Music Mentor, exceed the duration you have paid for but you will NOT pay any extra when this occurs. You simply enjoy the benefits!


(delivered by webcam, instant messaging, email etc.)

The minimum consultation fee (which may, for example, consist of just a single email containing advice or information relevant to a client’s request) is £10 (€12, $14). This will increase only when the time spent researching information or collating materials for the response necessarily exceeds 20 minutes. However, as with all the options available from Your Music Mentor, clients will be advised of cost PRIOR to engaging in any service.

Transcription & Arranging Service

Songs, solos and other pieces of music can be transcribed or arranged on request. Simply provide as much information as possible about your requirements on the enquiry form on the Contact page for a free, no obligation quote.

As a general guide, fees for the Transcription & Arranging Service are calculated at the rate of £30 (€35, $40) per hour. In some cases - for example where an extensive amount of work is required - this fee may be reduced at the discretion of Your Music Mentor (as in the block booking discount applicable for other services).

Client reassurance: Whenever a fee has been finalised by Your Music Mentor and accepted and paid for by the client, no extra charges will be incurred for this service, regardless of whether the time involved in the task exceeds that of the quote. Only if clients request additional work AFTER paying for that initially described will a further fee apply. In this case another no-obligation quote for the newly requested work will be provided.

Remember: Clients will be given full details of the fee associated with any service(s) they require when they make an initial enquiry, allowing them to decide whether they want to proceed or decline without obligation.

Personal Mentoring Packages

(for exam candidates etc.)

Standard mentoring

£100 (€117, $135) per month

This service allows clients to have up to five hours of input from Your Music Mentor per month, which can be used, and distributed throughout, any consecutive 28-day day period utilising any or all of the following:

Note: Clients can distribute the time and methods of communication available to them during the 28-day period in any way they wish - for example, a one hour live webcam session, two hours evaluation and response to video uploads and 2 hours of email or instant messaging. (Video uploads, instant messaging and email are calculated on the basis of time spent at the computer (as with instant messaging), or responding to an email or video upload.)

Intensive mentoring

£100 (€117, $135) per week

This service allows clients to have up to five hours of input from Your Music Mentor per week, which can be distributed evenly over any consecutive seven day period or used during fewer, more intensive sessions, depending on client preference. During the mentoring period clients can utilise any or all of the following:

Note: Clients can distribute the time and methods of communication available to them during the 7-day period in any way they wish - for example, a one hour live webcam session, three hours evaluation and response to video uploads and 1 hour of email or instant messaging. (Video uploads, instant messaging and email are calculated on the basis of time spent at the computer (as with instant messaging), or responding to an email or video upload.)

Your Music Mentor is a bespoke music tuition and mentoring service which, in order to cater for individuals with personal requirements, offers a variety of study and consultation options (from a single email to long-term mentoring), meaning that fees vary according to the services used and the time involved in delivering them (and whether or not a *block booking discount has been applied).

This is why all potential clients discuss their ambitions and tuition/consultation options with Your Music Mentor first, but it also ensures that they receive helpful advice prior to making the decision to proceed - not to mention the reassurance that any service they pay for will be the most beneficial and cost-effective for them.

Note: Clients will always be advised about the fee prior to receiving a service, and there will NEVER be any hidden additional costs or unexpected supplements.

*The block booking discount is a 10% reduction in total fees that is automatically applied when five or more lessons/sessions are booked in advance.

For guidance with the basic fee structure, refer to the information below. Further clarification, if required, can be obtained by contacting

How much does it cost?