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School Curriculum

  • GCSE & A Level
  • National 5, Higher & Advanced Higher

Composing & Arranging

  • Beginner to advanced
  • All styles

Electric Guitar

  • Beginner to advanced
  • Rockschool & LCM/RGT exams

Music Appreciation

  • Leisure learners
  • Students

Fret board Harmony

  • Beginner to advanced
  • Students and band members

Song Writing

  • Beginners to advanced
  • Band Members
  • Students

Classical Guitar

  • Beginner to advanced
  • ABRSM, Trinity College & LCM/RGT exams

Music Theory

  • Beginners to diploma level
  • ABRSM, LCM/RGT & Trinity College exams

Below is a list of the range of services available from Your Music Mentor. More detailed information can be obtained by clicking on the titles of each category

Music Exams

  • Rockschool
  • Trinity College
  • Student mentoring
  • Consultations
  • Exam preparation
  • Essay writing

Further Education & Music conservatory

Post-graduates & Teachers

  • Lesson planning
  • Curriculum help
  • Setting up a practice

Need some help deciding or want to ask some questions? No trouble! Your Music mentor will be happy to help


 Song writing



Music theory




Qualifications in music theory


Understanding music theory, the ‘language’ of music, not only demystifies the terms and symbols used to notate music, but is also an invaluable skill for any musician to have. Few serious musicians - and certainly composers and song writers - could work without it, but what is perhaps less obvious is that a knowledge of music theory can help any player in the actual performance of music. Jazz musicians, for example, will find chord extensions and substitutions easier to understand and incorporate effectively in their music if they understand how they work and why, as opposed to learning them by rote.

The task of learning guitar modes, also, is rendered simpler if approached from a basic theoretical position first, since the only alternative is to learn (and memorise) dozens of abstract-looking scale patterns.

The importance of learning music theory is exemplified by the major U.K. music examination bodies (such as The Associated Board (ABRSM)) in their stipulation that a performer cannot be presented for any practical grade above grade 5 unless he/she has first passed grade 5 theory of music.

Many inexperienced musicians form the preconceived idea that music theory is boring, or believe it must be difficult because of its complex-looking symbols and terms. But this is simply not the case and, like so many other things, it is the way music theory is taught to a student that will determine how easy, difficult, or enjoyable he/she finds it.

With many years’ experience alleviating the concerns of theory students and guiding them towards pain-free understanding and exam success, Your Music mentor will find the simplest, most effective ways for you to grasp this subject at any level.

From beginner to advanced levels, Your Music Mentor can provide:

Composing & Arranging

     See also Songwriting



Music Appreciation


 Fret board Harmony

     Specialist areas of study in which tuition is available include:









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Acoustic Guitar

  • Beginner to advanced
  • Accompaniment & finger styles
  • LCM/RGT exams


Post-Graduates & Teachers


       Your Music mentor can help with:

 Further Education & Music Conservatory


Classical guitar

 Electric guitar

Acoustic guitar


Transcribing and Arranging Service

Qualifications in the classical guitar


Qualifications in electric guitar


Qualifications in acoustic guitar


 Music Exams




Help is on offer, typically, for the following:

School curriculum qualifications

School Curriculum

Would you like to have a piece of music or a favourite song transcribed (e.g. from a recording) and/or arranged into a preferred key or format (music notation, chords, tab)?

Your Music Mentor can undertake this work for you. Just describe your requirements in as much detail as possible for a free quote. Contact

Users of this service are typically:

Tuition and advice is available from beginner to advanced levels (grade 7 upwards) in classical, acoustic and electric guitar playing. Students can be assisted in many areas including:

Your Music Mentor can present students for internationally recognised graded exams in classical guitar playing from prep test up to diploma level through the following music institutions:

Your Music Mentor can present students for recognised graded exams in electric guitar playing from debut level to grade 8 through the following music institutions:

Your Music Mentor can present students for recognised graded exams in acoustic guitar playing from grades 1 to 8 through the following music institution:

Whether you have a professional interest in song writing, are a band member, composing student, or just want to write your own songs, Your Music Mentor can help you develop or improve your skills in the following:

Your Music Mentor can present students for the internationally recognised exams in music theory (from grade 1 to diploma level) of the following music institutions:

Whether a school student or a teacher, this service offers the reassurance of a resource that can be utilised for tuition and advice, be it debunking an ambiguous aspect of a school music course for a student, or offering confidential support to a teacher.

From individual student tutorials and long-term mentoring to professional consults, users of this service can avail of the accumulated experience of Your Music mentor’s 26 years in teaching and academic writing.

Your Music Mentor can offer all kinds of tuition and support to teachers and students at these levels of the school music curriculum:

Whether your aspirations lie in composing or arranging for solo instruments, voice, groups, symphony orchestra or even an important assessment/exam, Your Music Mentor is here to help and advise.

Assistance & tuition is available for school & exam students, teachers, band members, vocalists, student composers and all creative individuals keen to transform their ideas into a finished piece of music. Assistance can be given with:

From music lovers to those in need of a general understanding of music and music history for a course or exam, learning more about the characteristics of a musical period, style or composer automatically increases personal appreciation and enjoyment of music.

This service is geared to cater for the specific requirements of clients who may wish to increase their understanding of some or all of the following:

With more than twenty years’ experience guiding students successfully towards success in various kinds of music exam, you can have faith in Your Music Mentor if you are looking to achieve a qualification in any of the following:

Many sources of help exist for music students of all standards, but there are times when those who teach them, or who are embarking on a music teaching career, also find themselves in need of advice. Often just a single consult with an experienced, reliable source, or a simple affirmation of a teaching strategy, is all that is needed.

Even students in full-time music education may not always have access to a sufficient level of support for their individual needs, especially during exam periods. That is when anything from short-term mentoring to a little extra help with exam preparation, essay writing, or even just an understanding ear may be all that is required to navigate a student through a challenge or an entire exam session.






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