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©  Joe McGowan 2015

Joe McGowan Official Website

Find out more about Joe’s personal and academic background, from the places he has studied and worked to his career as a music tutor and education writer.

Joe McGowan Music

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©  Joe McGowan 2015


YouTube: Joe McGowan Music


This is the brand name associated with Joe McGowan’s audio material, including educational videos and original compositions (and under whose label the CDs ‘Crossing the Boundaries’ and ‘Simply Guitar’ are released). See the associated YouTube channel, Joe McGowan Music.

Music Education Centres/Examining Bodies

Music Retail Outlets

Used and recommended by Your Music Mentor


A major centre for graded exams and diplomas in band-based instruments such as electric and bass guitar, drums and keyboard. &

The world renowned online store offers all kinds of music-related products including musical instruments and accessories, audio equipment, books, cds, mp3 downloads etc. See the Shop page of this website for specific products.

Trinity College London

An established centre for graded music exams and diplomas in various orchestral instruments as well as classical guitar and music theory

University of West London

The centre for London College of Music (LCM) graded exams and diplomas in orchestral instruments, classical guitar and music theory. Also affiliated to the Registry of Guitar Tutors (RGT) which offers qualifications in electric, bass, classical and acoustic guitar.

The Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music

The internationally established centre for graded music exams and diplomas in various orchestral instruments as well as classical guitar, ensembles and music theory

Your Music Mentor & Joe McGowan

For full syllabus information on each instrument, relevant publications and examination details (including exam timetables) click on website links


These outlets offer a wide range of guitar and band-related equipment, from instruments to specialist accessories and audio devices, with stores in Glasgow, Edinburgh, Newcastle, Birmingham and Epsom as well as a full mail order service. &

For RGT exam handbooks, educational support books and supplementary study material including pdfs, mp3s and backing tracks


Initially established as a companion website for his fourth music book, How to pass National 5 Music, jm-education is now a hub of mainly musical resources produced by Joe McGowan for UK schools.

Registry of Guitar Tutors

Major centre for graded music exams and diplomas in electric, bass, acoustic and classical guitar. Its publication company, Books for Guitar (see below), also publishes a wide range of music and instructional material for various guitar styles.


Classical Guitars & Guitarists

Discussion and video posts for classical guitarists of all levels of ability

Guitar & Guitarists!

Video posts and sharing for guitarists of all playing styles and levels of ability

All Music, Pop, Rock, Dance, Rap…

Popular music styles video, comment and discussion

Best of Classical Music

Videos, comment and discussion on classical music

Music on Facebook

Information on a wide variety of music

Fingerstyle Acoustic Guitar

Discussion and comment for acoustic and classical guitar players